130126-232130I’m Daniel Boughen,  I’ve been building and developing websites since around 2000, starting with simple websites on free servers,  written in what was then TERRIBLE HTML, and then moving on to my first website using an SMF online forum for learning and discussing Cannabis growing. check it out at howsitgoineh.com where we currently use Oxwall software to create our online community very much like Facebook. (but without the opposition.) I started hosting websites in 2006, and currently run two servers, where I host a couple of dozen sites for friends, activists and clients.

I have been moderating and creating online communities for sixteen years now. As the logical result of my experience in the operation of forums, learning how to grow and wishing to pass on a guide that would provide new growers with concise information on Cannabis, I went on to write “Medical Growing: a Garden of Peace” starting in 2010, and with the support and invaluable artwork and assistance of my now partner Van Bigelow, the first edition of M.G.A.G.O.P.  was published late in 1012 at TrineDay Press.

I’ve written and published nearly on hundred articles on Cannabis and prohibition at my blog: oh-cannabis.com, using WordPress to create my site, and I provide my book for sale at another WordPress site, at agardenofpeace.com.