Get your Website.

BLOGSHOT1I’m often asked what it takes to set up a website, how to go about getting started, so I have prepared a short step by step rundown on getting your website up and running.

Its less complicated than you think, but there are several aspects of a website, and they need to be connected before they will work. This may require several points of access. Domain name Administration, Hosting Administration page, Website log in, and your email log in, so it’s important you bookmark each access point, and put them all in a specific folder for easy avalability.

Basic steps to setting up a website.

  1. Sign up and obtain a domain management account and purchase your domain through our domain service. (5 years recommended) This provides you with full security, and administrative control over your domain name.
  2. Contact us, and purchase a hosting account on our Direct Admin Servers. Setting up your hosting account will provide you with browser based access, and the information you need to go on to the next step.
  3. Point your custom nameservers to your hosting account. Resolving your domain name to the server address can happen in as little as a few minutes, to a few hours. Once the worldwide registry updates, you will see your page come up with a Welcome Page, indicating that you are ready to build.
  4. Log in and build using FTP upload, GUI File manager, or the program of your choice to build your website, or Install one of our many Free Open Sourced “right out of the box” website programs, or if you need service, ask us to build for you. Set up emails through the easy to use interface user panel.
  5. We are always ready to assist with software installing, customization of themes, artwork, photography, logos, and point you in the right direction to find the information you need to run your site, and build your brand or product.