VanheadshotMeet Van Bigelow; Artist, Photographer, Web-designer, Writer, and Programmer. His specialty is graphics and design, using Photoshop, Adobe Suite ,and other programs to create eye-pleasing design for logos, and providing backgrounds, photographic retouching and layout for documents in many different formats.

He owns skills in HTML, PHP CGI and other scripting, and uses them for editing, producing original and exciting looks for program themes and web-based storefront programming.

Van animates using blender, is highly proficient in video and video editing bay. He runs his own YouTube channel which is associated to his website, at:

Van was instrumental in providing layout, photography¬† and artwork for the first and second edition of “Medical Growing: a Garden of Peace” in 2012, and has additionally written testimonials to be included in the upcoming second edition of “MGAGOP”.